Shelter Partner Program


Do you want to provide your constituents with top quality training classes?

Look no further - we are excited to partner with you to solve your training needs! Partnering with Wagfield Academy will enable you to confidently refer pet parents to a trusted science-based training and socialization program that they can start the day their dog comes home.


Our shelter partner program is designed to service both the shelters and their constituents. As a partner, your shelters' staff and volunteers will gain free access to our content to support their enrichment activities with the dogs in their care. This enables shelters to refer pet parents to Wagfield so they can build upon the training that has already started in the shelter.  


Does your shelter already offer training solutions? We want to partner with you too! While quality in-person training is always a good choice, the time and location constraints of in-person sessions mean that not all pet parents can participate. Partnering with Wagfield Academy allows you to deliver training solutions on-demand, so pet parents can train whenever and wherever is convenient. Reach out to us to learn more! Email



Here are some of our valued partners