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Q&A with Dr. Berger: Adding a second dog

by Jeannine Berger | Jan 28, 2015 17:05

Dr. Berger, I recently welcomed a new 4 1/2 month puppy (Ellie) to my home I share with my 10 year Lab (Lilly). Although it has been less than a week since Ellie has been here, I am concerned about Lilly's behavior toward Ellie. Lilly has arthritis and is active once up and about, but has decreased response time. I think this is one of the reasons she barks and bares her teeth at Ellie when Ellie wants to play. The other big reason, for the past 5-6 years it has just been the 2 of us. I feel bad for Lilly, and I also feel bad for Ellie. Can you help? Dear Sarah, This is a common problem. It is important that you manage the situation for both dogs. Don't feel bad for either of them, once they

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Q&A: Is this "Socialization" OK?

by Jeannine Berger | Jan 22, 2015 05:42

Dear Dr. Berger:   "Milly has been doing very well getting used to the city - walking past buses now, much more comfortable on the street.  Unfortunately, she was jumped/attacked by a dog whose owner swore it was very friendly to other dogs.  She wasn't injured, but was pretty freaked out by the experience and has been very fearful of dogs in the last few days. We took her back to puppy kindergarten today hoping that she would have a better experience, and realizing she needs to have some positive interaction.  Initially we were optimistic - most of the puppies were young like her, with only two really big, 15 week old bruisers.  When it came time for off leash

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What is positive reinforcement?

by Joelle Rauh | Jan 20, 2015 09:17

Positive reinforcement has become a buzz word in the training community, but it's meaning can often get jumbled. This article from Psychology Today, entitled Decoding Your Pet, takes a look at what exactly positive reinforcement is, and what it is not. We love our dogs, and we want to do right by them.  Other authors of articles on training have noted how it is difficult to wade through all the sources and information available on television, the internet, and in books to find the “right” information.  This is so very true!  There is so much good information about dog

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