Dog Training School Supplies

by Joelle Rauh | Jan 09, 2017 20:19

School Supplies: What You Need It's tricky to track down exactly what you need to have to make sure you kick off your pup's first days at home in style. To help we have created a list of products that you should have:   Recommended ID Tags or Collar with your phone number: In case your dog escapes, he can get back to you as soon as possible. While microchips are a great line of defense, ID tags and collars can be used by anyone that finds your dog.   Martingale or Flat Collar: If your dog has a head that's smaller than his neck, a martingale collar tightens slightly - but not all the way like a choke collar - to prevent your dog from slipping out of his collar. In either

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Who is walking whom? Dr. Berger

by Jeannine Berger | May 06, 2015 09:05

Who is walking whom? Today during our lunch break my 9 pound Chihuahua Reggie and I were walking to Starbucks a few blocks from my office.  While we were strolling along leisurely, taking in the surroundings, Reggie was walking on a loose leash about 3 feet in front of me. A person passed us from behind and asked, “Who is walking whom?”  I answered, “We are walking together”.    Am I walking the dog or is he walking me? As he marched on I started thinking about his question and what he really meant by his question, “who is walking whom?”  Technically, of course, I am walking Reggie.  I am the one with the thumbs able to attach his leash to the collar

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No, Your Dog Doesn't Want To Be The Boss

by Joelle Rauh | Apr 07, 2015 10:52

No, Your Dog Doesn't Want To Be Boss. But are you ready to be a good pet parent?    Today published an article about how to dominate an alpha dog. We can barely believe that published this as it is so out of date and inconsistent with today's best practices and force-free training.  To ensure our community knows our stance on this, Lisa has offered the write up below as a response. It can be easy to write off your dog's bad or unwanted behavior as attempting to be dominant. Sure, it could appear to be a logical leap to see something your dog does that conflicts with what you want

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Q&A with Dr. Berger: Adding a second dog

by Jeannine Berger | Jan 28, 2015 17:05

Dr. Berger, I recently welcomed a new 4 1/2 month puppy (Ellie) to my home I share with my 10 year Lab (Lilly). Although it has been less than a week since Ellie has been here, I am concerned about Lilly's behavior toward Ellie. Lilly has arthritis and is active once up and about, but has decreased response time. I think this is one of the reasons she barks and bares her teeth at Ellie when Ellie wants to play. The other big reason, for the past 5-6 years it has just been the 2 of us. I feel bad for Lilly, and I also feel bad for Ellie. Can you help? Dear Sarah, This is a common problem. It is important that you manage the situation for both dogs. Don't feel bad for either of them, once they

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Q&A: Is this "Socialization" OK?

by Jeannine Berger | Jan 22, 2015 05:42

Dear Dr. Berger:   "Milly has been doing very well getting used to the city - walking past buses now, much more comfortable on the street.  Unfortunately, she was jumped/attacked by a dog whose owner swore it was very friendly to other dogs.  She wasn't injured, but was pretty freaked out by the experience and has been very fearful of dogs in the last few days. We took her back to puppy kindergarten today hoping that she would have a better experience, and realizing she needs to have some positive interaction.  Initially we were optimistic - most of the puppies were young like her, with only two really big, 15 week old bruisers.  When it came time for off leash

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What is positive reinforcement?

by Joelle Rauh | Jan 20, 2015 09:17

Positive reinforcement has become a buzz word in the training community, but it's meaning can often get jumbled. This article from Psychology Today, entitled Decoding Your Pet, takes a look at what exactly positive reinforcement is, and what it is not. We love our dogs, and we want to do right by them.  Other authors of articles on training have noted how it is difficult to wade through all the sources and information available on television, the internet, and in books to find the “right” information.  This is so very true!  There is so much good information about dog

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It Makes No Sense to Punish a Fearful Dog

by Guy Hepworth | Dec 08, 2014 20:13

Fear and anxiety are at the root of many dog behavior problems. Some – like growling at strangers, urine marking or jumping without permission -- may not seem to be anxiety-related, but in fact they often are. If you’re tempted to punish a behavior but are not sure about its motivation, err on the side of kindness and try a different strategy. If the unwanted behavior is truly voluntary, try positive reinforcement of a different behavior. But if it’s an emotional, stress-based behavior, take your dog out of the situation as quickly as possible, or try associating the

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With A Little Help From Our Friends

by Lisa Gunter | Nov 09, 2014 09:30

When filming our videos this summer in San Francisco, we couldn't have done it without the help of Kathy Kukuc! She's a behavior and training staff member at San Francisco's Animal Care & Control and all-around awesome person. On set, she helped us get beyond cute puppies from ACC for filming, helped wrangle dogs and provided great feedback about the training content. It's no surprise, then, that Kathy was honored as the November Shelter Hero by Friends of Animal Care and Control.  Kathy and Lisa first met when Kathy needed behavioral help with her charming, young

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Dog-Friendly Stores To Socialize Your Pup!

by Lisa Gunter | Nov 08, 2014 10:00

    Getting out and about with your puppy is an essential component to his socialization. Whether you're out and about shopping or specifically setting out for an afternoon of socialization with your puppy, check out this post below from BarkPost with 19 stores that you can take your dog inside with you.   The pup pictured is at Lowes - but did you know, you can also bring your dog into Anthropologie? Even more reason to shop there!

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Doggie Monitoring While You're Out

by Joelle Rauh | Nov 05, 2014 10:16

Curious what your dog is up to while you’re away? There are some awesome and easy to implement technology solutions that allow you to keep an eye on your pup while you’re out. One of our friends is the founder at CamioCam, a free app that allows you to see what’s happening while you’re away. With CamioCam you can turn any tablet, computer, or smartphone into a doggie-monitoring camera and access the video feed from any other device. You can even get alerts and review 24 hours of video in 1 minute. There are some other providers who offer similar solutions, so if you’re wondering what your pooch is up to, take a minute to download one of these solutions and give it a try!

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