Wagfield For Good


At Wagfield, we consider ourselves part of the animal welfare effort. We believe dogs should be comfortably settled at home, not needlessly dropped off at shelters, facing euthanasia. In fact, it is our company mission to help save dogs’ lives by offering affordable, accessible, best-in-class socialization and training solutions.


Research shows that behavioral problems are the number one reason given when dogs are surrendered to animal shelters. We want to help prevent these unnecessary relinquishments by enabling every pet parent to access trusted, comprehensive, positive, force free training and socialization content on-demand.


The San Francisco SPCA shares our ideals, and is a proven leader in pioneering behavior and shelter best practices. The SF SPCA founded the No-Kill movement, and San Francisco now has the lowest euthanasia rate of any major city in the United States. We want to see them continue to better the animal welfare community, so we’ve committed to donate a percentage of our annual profits to the SF SPCA. Please visit www.sfspca.org for more information.